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First published in 1998 and STILL highly effective

Learn to trade forex using the time tested market maker strategy. 

The market maker strategy  was first discovered by Martin Cole in the 1990's.  Martin  has been a professional forex  trader since then and also author of the best Selling market makers method book

The history of the market maker strategy goes way back.  In fact before the days of the internet.

  • Easy To Learn Trading Method

    Learning to trade forex using the market maker strategy is easy to pick up and apply. This is because the trading method is based on how financial markets really work. 

  • Reliable Trading Method

    The market maker strategy is based on the never changing cycle of the market maker business model. The method is the same today as it was in the 90s.

  • Consistent Trading Method

    Learn to trade forex using the market maker strategy will provide you with the single most important factor for your ongoing trading success.  Consistency will always be key!

DVD course is now online. 

Live trading clips have been added to make everything easy step by step

Have you spent any time learning to trade forex? 


If you have already spent time trading forex and not yet experienced the success strived for you will find this course a refreshing reset. In just a few hours you will see how the market maker strategy works and how you can apply it. Confusion and indecision will be a thing of the past as you start to see just how simple this business can be.

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  • 100% Support. The support you get when learning how to trade forex will determine your success

  • Ask anything. The only stupid question is the one not answered. I welcome all your questions 

  • Support Tickets I have a full support ticket system and I personally read all tickets

  • Fun Yes! Because learning to trade forex and applying your new skill should be fun. 

  • Ongoing Training To ensure that you don't wander from the path. I make sure you stick to the plan so you end up with valuable trading skills that the market maker strategy provides.

What LIVE was like

This is how professional traders train traders

When I used to hold live forex trading courses, this is what it was like. Note the live trading screens. Live markets - real money. SHOWING, not TELLING students what to do.

I rarely hold live training now but this is the quality of training you can expect when working with me online with this course

  • Study in your own time and pace

  • Easy bite size training modules

  • Need any help? Just yell out :-)

DVD course is now online. 

Live trading clips have been added to make everything easy step by step

What My Wonderful Students Say

"I have been practising the teachings and methods around price action for sometime.  Adding Martin's course to the list pulled all the study work together and provides THE insight to how the forex markets work and how you can follow the professional money.

I have at long last started to see consistent success, putting in consistent work of course."

Mike Campion

Excellent Insight to How the Forex Markets. Great course 

"I have been caught in the loosing cycle for about ten years. I knew there must be some method behind the madness of the markets movements but every time I thought I had it understood it changed. After reading Martin's book then doing the course my state of total confusion about the market started to change. I still had some trouble spotting the phases of the market and future direction, then three days after finishing the course I traded the non-farm payroll news. I found I knew exactly what the Market Makers were doing and where the market was really going. I was able to go to bed with my small trade in play and get up in the morning to close it with sixty five pips profit.  ."

Peter Smith

The dissolving of confusion.

"Thank you, Martin, for this fantastic course! I am so excited to see now what's going on "behind the screen". I also read your book "How the market makers make millions of dollars.. ". During watching your videos I made already some trades on demo-account, and it really works!! It's fantastic. Greetings, Michaela."

Michaela Gruber

I am exited!

"Martin is very knowledgeable and engaging. Course material worked very well for me. The analogies used are spot on to illustrate a point. Overall, the course was well delivered and it was a wonderful learning experience. I highly recommend it to all beginners and novice traders who are on losing streak. Thank you, Martin, for the very informative course.."

Nabeel Alwan​

Broadened my understanding of the market makers method

"This Trader Training Program was very informative and I don't think you could find the information that was presented anywhere else. It was presented  in a very informative and straight forward manner. Martin reveals that all the markets are controlled by individuals called Market Makers, and they have been extracting money from the uninformed trading public for many years. Martin reveals how he was able to figure out what the Market Makers were doing and how to make money right along with them.  This training program is very exciting and it reveals how anyone that applies the information provided have a good possibility of profiting from the markets  on a regular basis.."

Charles Reynolds

Market Makers Method Trader Training Review.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Martin Cole for the Market Makers Method Training Programme. This course is really the best I have ever had, it opens one's eyes from the facade to the real content of charts. Trust me, I have had consistent profits since I started applying this method on my trading. So my advice to anyone is practice the Market Makers Method like a religion and it will pay at the end."

Curtis Nxumalo​

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DVD course is now online. 

Live trading clips have been added to make everything easy step by step

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Martin Cole

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